ATG Provides…

ATG offers a variety of services that are customizable, based on your business entity needs. We listen to your voice and research your business market to create a budget proposal. ATG listens to your goals and then creates a plan to provide your desired results.

Our services focus on, but are not limited within:

  • Accounting via CFO: ATG can provide Financial Reviews, Forecasting, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Revenue Recognition, Company Overall Performance Analysis, Customized Department Reports, build stronger Bank Relationships, and insight on Cash-Flow Management.
  • Bookkeeping: Let us manage and reconcile your daily spending accounts to ensure tax compliance, while you focus on running the day-to-day in-house demands of your business. Our accountants will categorize and track income and expenses within your accounts. ATG provides your entity with financial suggestions with intent to maximize tax deductions and profitability via monthly/quarterly/annually financial statements.
  • Payroll: ATG knows that payroll is one of the most important functions of a business. Not only do we offer assistance with setting up employee data for payroll, but we also focus on providing accurate calculation and disbursement of taxes, wages and benefits for your entire staff team.

By allowing ATG the role to be the CFO, we act as a diplomat to third parties.

Investors and clients alike look to CFO for inspiration and confidence in the company’s ability to perform. In almost every case the financial viability of the company is vouched for by the CFO. The CFO’s role is crucial for the company’s sustainability to customers, vendors and bankers. Often these third parties look to the CFO for the unvarnished truth regarding the financial viability of the company to deliver on its brand promise.

In today’s fast-paced environment the role of the CFO is extremely fluid.

ATG strives to fill that fluidity, conveniently and virtually.

Let’s build something together.