Industries We Serve

ATG Provides Solutions

Throughout the years, we have worked with large corporations and brand new starter companies. Whether your organization is well-recognized across the country, or spotlighted in your local community, ATG is here to help. Our client base covers a wide assortment of business markets. We have been given the opportunity to work with businesses such as IRIE Nation, CityWide Fencing, Dyme Boxing (DyBo) and more.

ATG serves the following communities, but not limited to:


Our biggest focus when it comes to construction businesses has got to be cost accounting and identifying your breakeven point. ATG keeps current through extensive research on tax laws and how they affect the construction industry directly. We work with you to ensure that you’re aware where you are spending money, how much you’re making and paying out, and identifying where money has been lost. With awareness of this, it helps identify areas of growth, costs that can be avoided, and help generate higher revenue. For concrete accounting and bookkeeping, trust ATG with your construction business accounting and bookkeeping needs.


The entertainment industry is ever-growing and always on the move. We help you understand business deductions, revenue coding, and provide extensive tax planning, so your business is receiving maximum returns and minimized liabilities. Let ATG ease your mind and keep you on top of your entertainment business with peace of mind accounting. Entertainment is your responsibility, compliance is ours.

Food & Beverage

Throughout a business work day in the food and beverage industry, you are dealing with customers, workers, vendors, and so on. This industry in particular is constantly in motion, on-the-go, and busy. ATG aims to simplify and keep your business compliant via city, state, and regulatory boards. We also identify KPI to ensure that you set and accomplish business goals. Should you need guidance with budgeting, we have various resources and professional recommendations on how to keep your business operating at its best. With ATG, get more with every bite.

IT (Information Technology)

Accountants have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to IT industries. Without the constant development of information technologies, accountants would still be hand-calculating and mailing out tax documents and legal forms. With that being said, ATG wants to give back to this industry any way we can. We monitor performance to help provide advice and insight on costs, info systems and productivity, as well as create and organize in-depth budgets for tracking expenses. When performance matters, you can rely on ATG.


Nonprofits exist to better their surrounding communities with love, compassion, and assistance for those who typically cannot do for themselves, alone. That much compassion takes a lot of focus and time. We work with you to ensure that you’re compliant with the special guidelines created for nonprofits by the government. Our team helps identify various growth strategies that can be utilized for setting revenue goals and maximizing your community reach. With ATG, your non-profit can make the most out of what you’re giving.

Real Estate

We provide extensive counseling on how adjusted cost basis to reduce tax liability works, as well as assistance with 1031 Exchange. We work side-by-side with you to make sure you understand depreciation assets and also help provide reports to help track property management costs, commissions and more. Let ATG lead you all the way home.


We work with our retail business clients directly so that we can ensure they are knowledgeable on the difference between fixed invariable costs and pricing. This alone can make or break a company, for it is the key determinant of your profits gained. We help you detect loss, damage, and/or theft of stock products, to keep your business performing at its best. Take care of business with ATG.


Much like your business, ATG, too, is in the professional services industry. With our professional experience in this industry, we have the upper-hand advantage on assisting you with determining direct cost rendered to customers compared to direct labor costs to perform. This maximizes profits overall. We keep you compliant with all regulations and laws, as well as provide market research reports to keep you on track. ATG provides strategies for serving your business best.


With transportation industries being made up of low-margin businesses, it is important to keep costs low and performance high. We will guide your company so that you are always compliant with regulations and safety protocols. We can assist with DOT set-up and tax filings. With ATG, we guarantee excellence in motion.