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ATG Accountants & Advisors provide the most accurate accounting and bookkeeping services so you can focus on running your business.

Reduce the Spread with ATG!

With the continuous escalation of COVID spikes throughout our communities, ATG has placed our client’s and teams wellbeing at the highest regard, especially with tax season approaching. Our team aims to provide the safest, and most secure way to file our communities taxes.

This upcoming tax season, the ATG team is going virtual!

Instead of the usual brick and mortar experience of coming into our office to file face-to-face, we are utilizing new tax software called Refund Kingdom, via TaxPass.

This new program allows our clients to file from the safety of their own homes, at their own pace, on their own time. All while being in contact with our tax professionals to help guide and answer any questions along the way to ensure that they receive the maximum refund available.

To file virtually this season, just do these few steps to get started:

Start by downloading the TaxPass app within your service providers App Store.

You can click either one below for a direct connection to download TaxPass.

Once installed on your device, create an account. When it asks for the Mobile App ID, either scan in the QR code listed below, or type in ‘R6ROWOWJ’, followed by clicking Register. Confirm ATG as your office.

Finally, it is time to start filing your taxes. Simply scan in your documents and watch your refund grow!

How We Work

We Listen to YOU…

Our clients are the heart of everything we do. We realize that the key to addressing your challenges lies in what you say and not the other way around.  We go the extra mile in developing key insights. We want to hear all of your concerns, ideas and goals to better provide tailored services for your needs.

We Strategize with YOU…

Strategy for us is not a one-sided activity. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the most coherent and effective strategies are developed to ensure success. Once made aware of your goals and needs, our team comes together to discuss unique solutions and a game plan.

We Innovate for YOU…

We are able to provide tailor made solutions, because we involve our clients through every step of the innovation process. Our focus is on the people, process, and products when it comes to our innovation process. What separates ATG from the rest is the time we take to review our work to guarantee that we provide continuous service and solutions. Change is persistent, ATG is tenacious.